Friday, February 12, 2016

The Fallacy that is Duterte: Are we encouraging a Fascist?

Much as I agree with Mayor Duterte with so many issues, I cannot help but put him to task on his plan to literally deny the workers' rights to organize and express themselves if he wins the presidency. As lawyer, he knows very well that such rights are enshrined in our Constitution. Labor organizing is not a privilege, but a right. Is Duterte losing his mind?

Or probably, he is trying very hard to court the support of Big Business that he is ready to abandon the interests of workers, and stand in defense of capitalists who violate the rights of the people every single day.

Instead of targetting labor unions, why not train your gun Mr. Duterte to those big firms and capitalists who violate our laws, and there are many! One---this scourge that is labor only contracting. The biggest firms in the land are recruiting contractuals instead of full time employees. Because of this, millions of families are living below the poverty line.

The fallacy that is Duterte is that we are being made to believe that he is pursuing the people's interests when he is, in fact, pursuing the interests of elite hawks who are planning to put more control over government, and over the lives of the people, for them to rake in more profits and more monies and leave the people holding an empty bag.

We are being made to believe that Duterte knows what he is saying, that he, actually believes in his heart, that change should be effected when he is, in fact, pursuing the Fascist way, instead of earnestly pursuing nationalism.

The problem is, we are being conditioned to accept Fascism slowly by these rhetorics and veiled threats coming from someone who probably does not respect individual rights.

Mr. Duterte claims to adhere to the precepts of Socialism. Really now?

Socialism sprang from the loins of the oppressed masses. Socialism was created by people who love their fellow men. The very reason why Socialism exists still, is the fact that it espouses humanism, instead of hatred which Fascism represents.

I am not at all surprised because Mr. Duterte is a puppet of big Chinese interests. The very reason why he is running is because he wants nothing more than pursue the interests of these Chinese traders who got their wealth manipulating the economic affairs of the people of Davao.

I apologize for this. Like millions of other people who thought that Duterte means well, now, I realize that this is all a facade, and I expected that already when Duterte teamed up with Cayetano.

Since his days as a councilor in UP, Alan Peter has never represented anything except his own personal and political goal which is to become president. When he ran for the UP student council in 1992, he lost and why? Because we UP students are not that easy to fool.

Alan Peter Cayetano is delusional, like Mr. Duterte who thinks that Fascism is the answer, when it is not!