Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brewing coup against Duterte soon?

A confidential survey shows a drastic reduction in the popularity and trust survey of incoming president Rody DUterte. I don't know if members of the transition team saw or even read this, but the results are disappointing. It seems that Duterte's base is eroding and it is eroding fast.

What Duterte and his group failed to realize is that winning the election is one thing, maintaining oneself in power is another one. Presidential power is illusory. It depends on how people perceive the one holding the scepter.

Duterte must renew his links with the media. He cannot forever boycott the very platform he used in winning these elections. Without media, Duterte stands naked. There is no other institution which could protect him in the event of an extra-constitutional grab of power.

Seems like some people are giving this administration a few months only. Some say these missteps and decisions on a flop are signs of a very disorganized leadership. I hope that the incoming president realizes that governance is not a game and this thing which he so involved himself with is serious stuff.

Anyway, I hold faith that these forces who are readying and preparing themselves for another shot at power also know what they are doing.

Personally, I think Duterte is on the right track. His strategies though somewhat different, are better than previous ones.