Friday, June 17, 2016

Is Education not a Duterte priority?

There has been some nasty views and comments against former UST professor Lapuz who is now designated Educ secretary of Duterte. We have so many excellent educators in our midst and here's your president appointing a mediocre as head of education.

Paki yugyog nga itong si Mayor, kasi baka akala niya, Davao district education head lang ang inaappoint niya.

Education is one of the most important departments of this country. It concerns millions of children, the future generation. What kind of public education kaya ang balak ni Lapuz na ituro?

So disappointing.

The way this incoming administration is behaving is really very scary. I thought the good mayor wants the "best and the brightest", eh, puro bulok inaappoint sa government.

Kung hindi may conflict of interest, me ari ng mga kumpanyang may direct transaction with the department they will head, ang ina-appoint.

These appointments are likened to ones being done by a man condemned by Time. Hindi pinagiisipan. Basta kung sino na lang ang hugutin, yun na.

How can you form an effective government kung ganyan?