Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The stupidity of Incoming PNP Chief dela Rosa

INcoming PNP chief Col. dela Rosa is either stupid or an incorrigible braggart. Imagine, he's the one spreading this "news" about several drug lords casting their 50 million each and coming up with about 2 billion pesos as bounty for his and incoming President Duterte's head.

Honestly, I don't believe this yarn by dela Rosa. Why would drug lords spend so much money for a simple target as Duterte? Besides, we all know that Filipino assassins do not dare hit a "big man" such as a President because the consequences are more costly than just engaging authorities in an endless hide and seek strategy.

These drug lords are not idiots. They know that even if they come up with that amount, no Filipino assassin would ever dare execute such a mission against a Philippine president. Even during the time of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the one who tried to kill him was an Argentinian (?) priest.

In our history, there has never been an assassinated Philippine president if you discount conspiracy theories attending to the deaths of Manuel Roxas (who died in a massive heart attack while giving a speech) and Ramon Magsaysay (who died in a crash). Most Philippine presidents died of old age or a disease caused by old age.

Another reason why I don't believe in what this dela Rosa character is spreading about is the stupidity of it all. An assassination plan against a president is treated as a very serious state matter by authorities, particularly the PSG. Such things are not trivial and obviously, not to be announced in a formal public press conference. Hindi ba alam ni dela Rosa na there is this term called "confidential"?

Besides, what is the purpose of such an announcement? To brag that vice lords are also ready to get them? So, what? What is so damned earth shaking about this 2 billion peso bounty that the top cop himself announces it before the world?

Reasons: (1) Probably Dela Rosa wants us to appreciate how "costly" his sacrifice would be if he hits these vice groups in the next few weeks? (2) Probably Dela Rosa is scared shitless, he announces the bounty so that people would feel empathy with him? or (3) he's too damned amateur and stupid.

Worse, what if Duterte is being targetted really not by drug lords but by political groups? If Duterte dies now by the hands of political assassins, surely, dela Rosa would say that drug lords killed him. There would be no other suspect. How stupid! This is expected when someone shoots himself in the mouth.

The fact is---now those who want him dead either coming from the political or economic fronts are rejoicing because the Top Cop himself provided a cover for this operation to succeed.

Dada ng dada itong si Dila Rosa.