Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pasay, Quezon City and Caloocan--city havens for drug lords. Kill the shabu chemists!!

I read a confidential report and I noted three names of cities in Metro Manila listed namely, Pasay, Quezon City and Caloocan as among those seriously affected by the drug menace. However, I really don't hear anything big happening in the anti-drugs front in these areas.

Everyone knows how drug pushers and their big-time drug lords have transformed that street in Pasay as a veritable drug-crazed community. There is a street there called  "Tramo" where young students buy their illicit stuff. Several other areas are likewise called "shabu streets" due to the proliferation of shabu and other drugs there. The reason why Pasay is like that is because the city is near those casinos. Some casino players get their stuff from special hostesses who get theirs from drug pushers based in Pasay and Paranaque.

Perla street in Pasay is also notorious for being the place where drugs are sold even in broad daylight. Tramo street should be cleansed of all filth caused by drugs.

In Quezon City, the Timog area as well as those small inns and hostels along E. Rod are reportedly where drug addicts and their suppliers meet. Likewise, Novaliches suffers from a very serious drug problem. Drug pushers there and their suppliers act like they own the place. This place should be cleansed as well.

Finally, Caloocan. There are two communities near the boundary of Caloocan and Novaliches which have shabu labs. These should likewise be identified, raided and those chemists shot and killed.

I noticed that among those being killed by cops, there is not one single chemist killed. Aside from drug lords, cops should also execute these Chinese and Taiwanese chemists as well as their big-time financiers who are mostly businessmen living in posh subdivisions in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Kill the chemists and that will surely deal a big blow against these notorious drug syndicates.