Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pork to be enjoyed once more by Congressmen--and you're just sitting there?

While the government entertains us with these massive killings all in the name of anti-drugs and anti-criminality, here we hear of  members of the 16th Congress demanding that their right to determine projects to be funded for by government, be given back to them.

Incoming speaker Bebot Alvarez justified this by saying that "Congressmen are "representatives"--therefore, as representatives, they know exactly what projects are good for their respective constituents. The incoming Congressmen want the DBM to allocated 80 million pesos per Congressman. Alvarez wants to assert that every Congressman needs that amount and that they are authorize to spend that amount based on his own discretion.

Meaning--they want to legalize their pork allocations, period. That is precisely why we militated for nine long years during the time of Arroyo because of the wanton disregard for the use of public funds. Now, Alvarez is bringing back the very same practice that we fought hard against during the previous administrations.

Yes, we need someone like Duterte--he is oozing with political will. However, if he's just a showcase which is precisely what people behind him want him to be while they do their own thing, then, we need to be very vigilant because this is not a genuine revolution, oh no.

Duterte may actually mean what he said and promised--a better life for the Filipinos. I am very curious how he'll handle his political and economic allies who are now planning to raid the public coffers once more---the very same way they did for years.