Thursday, August 18, 2016

DU30 to serve for only 3 years? Who'll serve the rest of the 6-year term?

Is the President really sick, asks one of my friends. Of course, I answered in the negative and even if Duterte is really sick, how would one know? Will his men tell us the real score?

Basing on his highly televised appearances, there is one thing that people notice about Digong--his mood swings. He's in high spirits and in a positive demeanor one day and grumpy the next. During his speeches, the first part he either starts his attacks or begins in a positive way and the later part, again, either positive or a negative speech.

Are these mood swings effects of medication? Duterte admitted during the campaign that he sports three ailments, one of which is linked with his liver. Medical observers know this--that when one is afflicted or suffering from a liver ailment, the patient is often grumpy. Duterte likewise admitted that his head hurts, that explains why he is often seen with his hand somewhat caressing his face.

Is the president's medical condition getting worse? Or, medicines are getting the best of him? Notice that his speech are always of two distinct parts---a good and a bad one. He loses his temper either in the first or last part and regains "sanity" the rest of it. Is it because of medicines which he takes? Some observes think that before the effects of the drugs kicks in, that's the time that Duterte spews these acerbic remarks or vitriol and when the medicine already is in his bloodstream, that's the time that he calms down.

That is basically the observation of some friends.

There is some nasty rumor spreading that the reason why Duterte is kinda rushing things is due to the fact that he knows that he's sick. Well, I do think that Duterte is just passionate about what he's doing and he knows that he is already seventy past and the "spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak."

Six years is definitely not a long time. That is very short if you pressure yourself with this Federalism thing.

Some men "in the know" says that Duterte intends to serve his half of his term and when he achieves his life-long aspiration of a drug-free Philippines, Duterte is willing to give the reins of government to his "next in line." And who is this "next in line"?

Well, according to the Constitution, it's Leni Robredo, our vice president. However, many are frowning about this especially close Duterte supporters because they want Bongbong Marcos to succeed Duterte. Bongbong, many believe, knows both his politics and his economics. And Duterte agrees. Personally, according to these men "in the know", Duterte wants a drastic reduction of crimes in the first half of his term, and a more economically stable country in the last part. If he's to be asked, Duterte would like Bongbong to replace him once his 3 years is up.

That explains why this electoral case before the Supreme Court is very important--the future of this country lies at the very hands of those Justices up there. Is this why Duterte was quick to apologize to Sereno?