Thursday, August 25, 2016

Duterte's proposal for emergency powers? Why Duterte's want emergency powers

On behalf of the people, I thank the Senate for conducting that hearing on the proposal to grant emergency powers to the Duterte administration to solve the traffic problem. The hearing conducted by Senator Grace Poe was a revelation---it practically killed the proposal from its roots. Officials of the DOTR themselves practically told the Senate and everybody that this administration does not need emergency powers to solve the humonguous traffic problem. Why? Because even if they expedite the grant of contracts and buy all right of ways, the best time to "enjoy" changes in the traffic situation is really three years from now. Meaning, even if we grant Mr. Tugade of the powers he needs to fast track programs already in place, it would take 2-3 years. So, what's the need for emergency powers?

Really now, this administration must realize that not all things are as easy as killing a drug pusher to rid one community of a social pest. No. In this traffic problem, government needs some thinking, some cerebral exercise, to fully comprehend and propose effective solutions. Sorry, mayor, this issue is not as easy as solving it thru a strongly worded and cursive pronouncement.

This is revelatory because it just shows that some people close to Mr. Duterte probably need or are salivating for a "kill." And what is that "kill", you ask? Well, some malicious minds think that some of Duterte's men want nothing more than get those juicy contracts for themselves or for their friends who will give them juicy commissions.

One friend told me of how this very close associate of FVR suddenly getting millions of pesos "in an instant" when everybody knows he's already close to bankruptcy before the elections. This person, who was nearly killed by terrorists alongside his paramour had he not given these roques in Islamic robes millions of pesos worth of ransom monies, had or is still engaged n a nasty and highly public "verbal brawl" with his son. His business is down so where did this person get those monies?

The thing about emergency powers is that this is when the President and his factotums get what they want without being questioned. Just like how FVR reportedly "solved" the energy crisis of the nineties. When FVR did that, many of his associates suddenly grew immensely and I should say, filthy rich. So, why give this people such powers when we already know thru experience that this power will just be abused anyway?

Besides, look at how this administration already abused its police powers--and we're not even under emergency situation. Think of the billions of public monies which we will again lose thru graft and corruption the minute we give this leeway to these corrupt parasites.

These people's heads will be the first to be severed from their bodies the minute this administration loses credibility. The first EDSA was a merciful one. The next authentic one will not be as merciful. All those who sinned against God and the people will get their prompt and just punishment.