Friday, November 4, 2016

New Political Party for Du30 to prevent ouster from power

Duterte needs a new political party to really effect the changes he wants for this country. As things stand, Duterte's vision differs from the "vision" by some of his cabinet members. That's the core reason why there is a miscommunication between the President and some of the officials he appointed to power.

By creating a political party for the President, those who truly believe in change would be able to really effect these changes away from the actions of some of the president's men who are now salivating for a slice of the 4 trillion peso budget pie by next year. Expect several big projects to go bonkers as close Duterte associates would try to get their share of the public monies allocated to these projects.

One of the most problematic departments that would surely give Duterte some headaches would be the Department of Transportation or DOTr. Likewise, this new department called Department of ICT who is now headed by a former Globe telecommunications executive, Atty. Salalima.

Duterte and his supporters as well as the rest of the progressive forces should focus their attention to these two departments because most big-ticket deals are being transacted in these departments. Sadly, most of the appointments made here, were politically made, concessions from groups who lent their time and monies during the Duterte campaigns. It would be extremely hard for Duterte to fire these people from their sinecures, since these people have targetted these positions since Day One.

A party for Duterte would secure him to power. Without this, there is a big possibility that Duterte would leave office either humbled yet alive or disgraced and in a casket. Several people say Duterte's enemies could launch an assassination plot, but I sincerely doubt if the CIA or any other group would do such a thing.

Killing Duterte is simply not the proper way of disposing him. Duterte is an idea, and ideas are not easily erased by eliminating its symbol. Defeating an idea means proposing an alternative idea.

I have a proposal---let's formalize the unity of progressive forces thru the launching of a political party headed by Duterte.

This tug of war between Duterte and those outside his circle yet were given positions of power and authority is appearing very distinctively during public pronouncements of policy statements. When several cabinet members appear on television shortly after Duterte's highly public and highly charged pronouncement, it does not do good to our president. The fact is---it weakens the president and it makes him appear like someone whose words you cannot trust. Remember that the president's power is illusory, and depends on several factors, among them, trust. If this trust dissipates, then, the president becomes vulnerable and his hold to power, malleable.

I heard that several of the president's men disagreed with his political strategy of culling in MNLF chairman Nur MIsuari close to his side. Many remember the bloody Zamboanga seige which effectively crippled that city and effects of that incident is still being felt among residents until now.

There are also several men mostly bankers, miners and big importers who have expressed their disatisfaction with the president. These men are like chameleons--or hungaho in the vernacular--who appear to agree with most of the president's actions because they have their own personal and fiduciary interests to pursue.

I agree with many that Duterte could be the best president we ever elected, yet, he needs to fortify his position of power. He needs to separate the shaff from the grain, so to speak, because there are many people who are now praising him like a god because they are motivated by gain. And I mean, those associates of this Secretary to the Cabinet who is very close to him, yet, maintains for himself a close cotirie of people who are known corrupt operators.

What would weaken Duterte by next year is the actions to be taken by his own people. As one analyst say, Duterte will fall by his own sword.