Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Marcos Family gamble--is it worth it?

Many Filipinos say, the Marcoses haven't learned much from History, that the family is not cognizant of this Muse, and that the family is simply too proud and feel too powerful and too accustomed to live in an era of impunity that the Marcoses threw everything out of the window and just proceeded headlong into this travesty that happened today, November 18.

I begged to disagree. The Marcoses are dutiful and keen observers and students of History. They know that History is cruel. For decades, they spent their monies trying to defeat the Muse of History. They used democracy as a weapon. And our warped interpretation of History allowed the Marcos Family to do what they wanted to do, and do it with a sense of irreverent and godly devotion that the Family nearly turned democracy upside down.

Today, ten days after a Supreme Court overturned itself, and declared the Marcos patriarch fit to be interred at the nation's memorial for supposed heroes, the Marcos family went ahead and fulfilled the wishes of their deceased father.

And yes, the ghost of EDSA's past still haunts the family--that explains why they gambled today, and went straight to the Libingan ng mga Bayani without informing even their supporters of what they intended to do, and just put their lives, and their futures at the mercy of the Fates, re-assuring themselves that they would survive all of these, thanks to the protection being given by a sympathetic president who silently idolized the family patriarch.

For many, this is a travesty of justice. Thousands have been victimized by Ferdinand Marcos and thousands are still crying for Lady Justice to give them what they deserved. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, they said. We lost a father, a mother, a brother, a sister. Even now, we haven't found their bodies. And Ferdie was to blame for this. Let him rot in his mausoleum. And let no part of his body be buried in that hallowed ground, many demanded.

We are not to be blamed for the cruelties of martial law, the Marcos family said. There is nothing to apologize about, a sister of the deceased dictator said.

Why would we apologize when our father, Ferdie, built all those bridges, homes, roads and everything you now see being used by everybody during those times. Martial law brought peace and order. Ferdie ordered the execution of a Chinese drug lord and for two years, distribution of illicit drugs stopped.

Those killed, those arrested and those who spent their productive lives inside those cramped jails deserved to be there, they said. They were Communists. They opposed government.

And it was not Ferdinand who caused their miseries--these victims brought it upon themselves. Blame Fidel Ramos and Johnny Enrile. It was them who implemented martial law. Ferdie had no hand in the atrocities of the military.


Ferdie probably did not see those faces being tortured. Save a few, Ferdie probably did not see how an Atenean was tortured and gunned down, of how huge communities were hamletted and thousands dislodged from their homes and massacred under the name of the New Society.

Ferdie, his family and their close associates were busy helping themselves with billions from the public coffers. Ferdie was too busy carving the economy into various fiefs for his close economic advisers and economic allies. He was too busy opening Swiss accounts and lavishing Imelda, Dovie Beams and all his other bitches with riches beyond measure that Ferdie forgot to read all those military reports narrating the harrowing experiences of people caught, brought to jail and tortured by Ferdie's infamous personal army---that unit which now Senator Gregorio Honasan and Senator Ping Lacson once considered their mother unit.

Yes, those magnificent structures were built but it was not from Ferdie's own monies, oh no. Those bridges, roads and all those pleasant things were not financed by Ferdie's reported Yamasaki treasure hoard. Far from it.

Those infrastructure projects were financed by the people, of whom Ferdie deprived of their lives, their liberties and for some, their properties. Ferdie was too busy amassing wealth that he forgot to pay the interests of those humonguous debts which he entered into in the name of the people and of their government.

Ferdie was so busy making himself a billionaire that he forgot the economy. After years of amassing debts, the Philippine government failed to produce monies to pay for these debts. Thus, the economy tanked and it slid so fast, it forced Marcos to compromise his political beliefs in exchange for economic recovery. In 1982, Marcos lifted martial rule but kept the economy and the political system under his pockets.

Four years later, an angry mob nearly killed Marcos and his family when they successfully overran and ransacked Malacanan. Yes, those photos which showed the people inside Malacanan prove this. Had the Americans not recovered the family from that accursed house, Marcos would have suffered the same fate as those of other dictators who were dismembered by the very same people they once enslaved.

And now this.

The Marcos family is very much aware of the lessons of History. That's why they went ahead and asked assistance from government to fulfill the wishes of their cursed patriarch. Justice Peralta, the ponente in the Supreme Court decision allowing the burial of the former strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, used the results of the 2016 Vice presidential elections to justify the lifting of restraints against the burial. Peralta says the people have spoken--and those millions say they approve of the burial.

With a stroke of his pen, Peralta ignored previous Supreme Court decisions and even a Congressional edict recognizing the atrocities committed by Marcos against thousands of his own people. Peralta spoke a different voice, and most of his colleagues, with the exception of five, were satisfied with what they heard. It was this discordant voice that the Marcoses used to justify an immorality.

Thirty years ago, a million demanded his ouster. Those voices of dissent rang throughout the world, and it was heard by millions more and became the rallying cry for change.

Now, we are listening to the miffed cries of thousands, who lost their loved ones under the name of a dubious anti-drugs campaign. Now, we are seeing a people slowly being dominated by fear and self-preservation. For years, we have tried to liberate the people's minds and empowered them and we made them realize that democracy works for them.

Thirty years later, and we see millions stretching their arms out, and trying to get back to the bosom of the StrongMan out of frustration, desperation and disappointment.

And who will save them from the Strong Man?

Every single one who portrayed himself as a patriot was exposed for what he truly is---a thief. Those who reportedly struggled against the dictator became Marcos mini-mes, all in the name of the Mammon. That ex human rights lawyer who became a mayor or a Congressman got exposed for corruption. Even that Senator who now shouts against the burial, was previously tagged as part of a systematic thievery of the public coffers.

The true patriots are now dead, their legacies they brought them to their graves. Those who sacrificed their futures are now tired, and are now busy trying to redeem what they lost. And those who were expected to replace them are now agents of the very same men whom they want dead.

People are blaming Duterte for this travesty of justice. Not too fast.

I blame the people who stood against the dictatorship for succumbing to the very evils they once fought against.

I blame those who expoused liberalism in the hopes of getting a juicy post in government and used their sinecures to advance their own political ambitions, and all for monies.

I blame Pnoy and the Yellow Army for helping themselves get their personal shares of the people's monies and of raising the hopes of many only to fall flat in their faces in the end, mesmerized by the wealth they saw in government.

Since 1949, the problem of this country is not economic---it is moral.

The people remained poor because of the immorality of their leaders. Those who shout corruption were themselves corrupt, one example, Senator Villanueva who once represented a partylist created solely against corruption.

The people remained poor because of their continued enslavement perpetuated by those who promised them salvation.

The people remained poor because they are constantly promised change when all that changed is the faces of people who assumed the mantle of government. Our leaders remain the same regardless of their ideological beliefs.

The Filipino are suckers for those who shout for change. And since the people cannot really differentiate anymore who is honest and who is not, they choose the lesser evil among the lot of demons to rule them.

Yes, I think the Marcos gamble paid off because the people right now are confused. The Marcoses read the situation right---this is their time to fulfill the wishes of their patriarch because the very people who once rejected them, are now highly susceptible and fragmented.

The Left is fragmented. Civil society is a shadow of its own self. The driving force of liberalism, the Aquinos, have been effectively demonized. The Right forces are themselves, fragmented and have lost their souls. And the Church have lost its appeal.

The people hate what is happening but they want to endure it because the alternative is worse than the perceived evil. Those who are noisy right now are those who lost their power to UNReason and are desirous of getting that power back, and for what? For the continuation of their right to amass more out of the people's frustration.

Those who know what is Right, and those who want nothing more than condemn what is wrong, are living under a spell. What is Right for them is  predicated on years of frustration. And what is Wrong is simply those which goes against conventional belief.

Let me be forthright----I blame Pnoy for not fulfilling the vision of his beloved father. Pnoy became totally reckless. He appointed people in highly sensitive posts in government, despite their dubious records and inspite of these people being dummies of higher powers.

Pnoy broke the people's heart. He promised change but failed. Will he be able to regain the people's trust? No, not in a million years.

These Liberals who fooled the people for so long, depicting themselves as honest men of honest intentions, are already exposed of who they really are. Like their counterparts in other political parties, the Liberals are themselves, thieves in barong. And they are worst. Why? Because they are self-moralizing bullshits who made thievery a fashion craze. These Liberals are agents of destruction.

That explains why, even if I wanted to go to EDSA monument or the Libingan, I restrained myself. I don't want to be used by these people who want nothing more than regain political power.

Let the true Patriots arise. Let them wake up.