Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Duterte surveys tell nothing of the real situation on the ground: a social volcano brims

Those who think that they already won and their battle is already half-complete---think again. The Filipino has a voice. The Filipino loves his freedom. The Filipino will fight for the preservation of these liberties which he got back thirty years ago.

To those who think that they can just make the masses fall on their knees out of fear, think again. For 300 years, the Spanish did it. For fifty, the Americans tried to do it, and for four, the Japanese. They all failed. 

Pollsters should re-examine their data. I think this administration is in a very perilous and precarious situation. While surveys say many are agreeable with the anti-drug campaign, 78% says this out of fear that they, themselves, will probably fall victim from this vicious enterprise. 

Filipinos are very hard to crack. Sociologists know this. Filipinos say one thing but meant another. Filipinos will show you a thumbs up while keeping their true opinions deep within.

That happened in 1986 when the Marcos regime thought that they still hold sway with the masses when a million suddenly appeared and chased them out of the palace. Seems that the state has oppressed the people and terrorized the people so much, everybody were expressing agreeable and positive opinions while they seethe in anger deep within them.  This phenomenon was not expressed in those surveys. 

The fact was---it was those surveys which led to a successful revolution because it made the government too complacent and too proud. The Marcoses thought they have the masses by the balls, when, in reality, every single Filipino out there was ready to tear them to pieces. 

Remember what happened to the president played by Sutherland in the movie Hunger Games? Those people whom the president once oppressed suddenly appeared out of nowhere, when the Mocking Jay refused to shoot her deathly arrows. The people were the ones who tore the president to pieces. 

For every oppression of men, for every withholding of freedoms, there is a corresponding increase of suppressed feelings. Eventually, these suppressed emotions will try to find an outlet, and it may lurk at a certain level. It will not take long and these will eventually try to break out, and I think this time, when this happens, this will surely challenge our conventional wisdom in politics. 

As God says in the Bible, " the mighty will be made low, when the Sun of Justice shines in those dark alleys."