Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Political Instability possible in Philippines: Worrying drops in public satisfaction in just 6 months

A US-based think tank has just released their report telling of a mnimum degree or level of political instability in the Philippines. This comes shortly after the release of two surveys, SWS and PulseAsia which both show the ratings of the president dipping somewhat, but stays "pretty good" says SWS.

Overall, that 70 plus ratings is really pretty good. However, note that this ratings dip happened in just six months which is alarming to say the least. Yes, there is still 7 out of 10 Filipinos who trust our president but as to public perception per issue which this administration has been involved with, there is a noticeable change in the percentages of people having positive views about government action.

Let me put here a part of the report of Helen Flores of the Philippine Star which you can see at

It got “very good” net rating in helping the poor (+66 from +63 in September); promoting human rights (+56 from +63); defending the country’s territorial rights (+54 from +53); providing jobs (+51 from +46); fighting crime (+50 from +58); and developing science and technology (+50 from +49).
It received “good” scores in ensuring an efficient transportation system (+48 from +39); foreign relations (+46 from +39); eradicating graft and corruption (+45 from +57); fighting terrorism (+41 from +55); ensuring that no family will ever be hungry (+34 from +37); reconciliation with Muslim rebels (+33 from +42); reconciliation with communist rebels (+30 from +39); and solving the problem of extrajudicial killings or EJK, which was included in its governance report card for the first time, at +40.
It obtained moderate scores in fighting inflation (+25 from +33); and recovering the hidden wealth of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies, which was included in the survey for the first time, at +24.

Do you notice something strange?

IN the issue regarding "fighting crime", public perception dipped 8 points from positive 58 to 50. This is the centerpiece issue of this administration. PNP chief Bato has been saying all along that the public approve of what they are doing. Why only 50 percentage points? This shows there is a huge number (about 50%) of the population not satisfied with what is truly happening on the ground.

Notice the alarming drops in public trust or perception in the fight against corruption 45 from 57, a 12 percentage point drop. Meaning, the graft and corruption exists and probably is worsening under this administration, again, despite what the President has promised that "there will be no corruption" in this government. He has repeated this several times even during the campaign period, that my ears actually swelled because of this.

On the issue of extra judicial killing, more Filipinos are now having second thoughts or negative views about it, about 60 percent because the only ones who see it on a positive light is about 40. This, again, belies what the PNP and this government are saying---that more people approve this Gestapo-like tactics in addressing the issue of drug addiction. Reality check points to a very low score.

Worse, this administration should be extremely concerned that this administration is now failing in two fronts: inflation which is a serious economic issue which affects the poort and a highly divisive political issue, which is the recovery of hidden wealth of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos which is just 24, a truly failing grade, if you ask me.

And this is just for the past six months. This is, curiously, like the trend which we saw during the time of Erap.