Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wally Sombrero a hero? WTF! What's the real score of the Bureau of Immigration Bribery scandal


Imagine, a self-confessed briber and big-time gambling man is asking us, Filipinos, to pay him respects for being a "hero".

Wally Sombrero, a former cop, who gave monies to government officials, is asking us to be kind to him, and appreciate what he did.


Everybody knows who Sombrero is. Sombrero feeds on the corruption going on in government. He lives and breathe helping notorious personalities get away with almost everything by bribing their way out of any rut.

Senator Grace Poe is correct---this bribery which happened inside the Bureau of Immigration is proof-positive that corruption is now happening under the Duterte administration. And do you know the real score?

Several people say that the actual amount of the bribe is 150 million pesos. That's right--150 million pesos. No one in his actual mind would believe that Sombrero only promised 50 million pesos to BI officials. That amount is toooo small. 

Sombrero, according to some sources, already gave 50 million to a high government official, whom he called before he reportedly disappeared.

And he gave 50 million pesos to two (2) new BI Commissioners, namely Mike Robles and Al Argosino, which the two admitted getting and even divided it among themselves and other "associates" namely Charles Calima and Sombrero himself.

The fact is---Sombrero admitted that much when he was interviewed by Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja in their show, "Dos por dos" over at DZMM Teleradyo.

The only question is---where is the rest of the 150 million pesos? Where is the remaining 50 million pesos? 

According to sources, the remaining 50 million pesos is still being kept by Sombrero. Now that Jack Lam is "on the lam", no one would account Sombrero for this amount.

So, who really earned from this scandal? 

Will Sombrero really owe up to this bribery scandal?

The truth is---these commissioners together with some unscrupulous BI officials did get their hefty bribes and they did think that they already got away with murder until my idol, Ramon Tulfo, wrote about it in his celebrated column over at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

Of course, these people deserve their day in court. Meaning, they can always say they were "in an operation to probe graft and corruption". 


These people do not respect their fellow brother, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They probably know the truth that this President is all babble, all talk, and nothing more. 

Because had they really feared Duterte, Robles, Argosino, Aguirre, Calima, Morente and even Sombrero would have probably entertained second thoughts on doing this bribery.

There's a joke going around legal circles, describing Lex Taliones as Lex Billiones. Members of this fraternity are reportedly so glad, they are having a grand time according to sources, raiding the public coffers, while their brad does his thing--trying to frighten us to submission. Why? So that no one would entertain thoughts of opposing them. 

Well, history has not been kind to these kinds of people. These grafters always get what they deserve.

Now, who now smiles from all of these? You guessed right--Atong Ang. And eventually, Jack Lam.