Friday, March 17, 2017

Leni Robredo should fire her strategists: Palit-ulo a non-issue

Vice president Leni Robredo is really a good person. She is a public interest lawyer, and unassuming like her deceased husband, former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo.

However, Leni is really ill-advised. Why fault the PNP for this "palit-ulo" issue, when, in truth and in fact, this is one of the un-written tactics used by cops to net big-time drug personalities. Of course, silly, the PNP would never put that in their list of operational protocols, no.

What is so appalling however, in this palit-ulo thing is when cops extort monies from families of arrested drug personalities. This happens quite often and this is nothing new. This has been a modus operandi of corrupt cops since the sixties.

For all its worth, I thank the vice president for revealing this in the open, but to accuse cops of misdemeanors and letting the entire world know about this is simply overstretching it.

Miss Vice President, I am very sad that you dipped your lovely fingers unto this issue which is, sincerely, not a big one as you and your handlers previously thought.

There is simply nothing wrong for the police to ask arrested drug personalities of other people whom they dealt with or are dealing with and eventually arresting both those they got information from and those whom these drug personalities finger pointed. Are you not happy that cops are arresting more drug pushers thanks to this invention called "palit ulo"? Of course, most of the times this practice leads to corruption, and for that, there is a provision in our Penal code that punishes that.

What is truly very sad is the fact that you, Miss Vice President, exposed yourself as someone who is soooo detached with reality on the ground and that worries many people. Out of hundreds of complaints and misdemeanors of these cops, you chose a thing which is simply part of the tactics employed in successfully netting serious and bigger drug offenders.

Time to change those heads who think for you. Time to hire those who know what's happening even at ground level and from there, create more interesting things for us, ordinary people to enjoy reading.