Saturday, March 25, 2017

Patricio Mangubat will not be silenced.

To those who hacked this website--think again. You cannot suppress the truth. You can't just stuff my mouth and make me silent. No. This site will be here for as long as the so-called leaders of this country continues to fuck up.

I did it during the time of Arroyo, Aquino and now, with Duterte.

The fact is---compared with his predecessors, my comments against Digong are dime a dozen. This site is fair in its comments. I don't mince my words. I write what I feel, I see and what is appropriate and substantial.

During the time of Arroyo, efforts were at silencing this site, even infecting it with viruses. Efforts failed. This site remains standing and it would continue its advocacy for as long as our society remains moribund.

To those who want to be seen as semi-gods, think again. You are all doomed. Your unrighteousness has doomed you. Your fate has been predestined by God himself.

There is only One God, and those who think themselves as gods, who think that their fellow human beings are like cattle fit for slaughter, who think that their fellow Filipinos are just automatons, willing slaves of this system, reconsider and repent while there is still time.

Your fates have been set to hell the minute you crossed the Dark Side. Light always win.

But to those members of the Liberal who think themselves as bearers of Light but the fact is, they are demons masquerading as angels, think harder. Your punishment is worse than those who only humor themselves with power.

History has shown how pseudo-dictators, real dictators, demi-gods and their ilk suffered at the hands of Fate, just like how Zeus suffered under the harshness of the Fates.

And, Patricio Mangubat will be here, chronicling your fall.