Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Duterte asks for respect

During a confrontation with protesters, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte repeatedly asked rallyists to give him "respect." He has been talking and explaining things before them, and some rallyists began shouting slogans before him.

We ask---did Mr. Duterte gave us, the Filipino People, respect:

  • Every single time he utters those profanities before our very faces and infront of national television?
  • did he gave respect to the 8,000 Filipinos killed, most of them summarily executed whom he thinks of being a non or sub-human, unworthy of every respect because to him, they are already "zombies"?
  • when Duterte ordered the bombing of Marawi city, did he gave respect to the residents, whom he treats as his "kababayans" for being a Maranao daw? 
  • did Duterte gave respect  to the Muslim Filipina, when he assured soldiers that he will protect them even if they commit rapes during the Marawi city siege?
  • did he gave respect even to his own professor, Joma Sison, whom he urged to commit suicide?
  • did he gave respect to the millions of workers who voted for him by giving them hope that within six months he will eradicate endo?
  • did he gave respect to the taxpayers who now would suffer from higher prices of goods the minute the tax reform law takes effect?
  • did he gave respect to us, Filipinos, when he unilaterally decided to enter into a joint exploration agreement with China?
  • did he gave respect to thousands of families affected by mining when he refused to use his vast powers to influence the Committee on Appointments to finally vote for Gina Lopez's permanent appointment as DENR secretary?

Respect, as they say, is earned. There is a universal law about this---do unto others what you want others do unto you. 

You disrespected us, your fellow Filipinos? Then, we will disrespect you.

You might be sincere in your love for the country, Mr. President, but what's in your mind conflicts with what is truly in your heart. 

You believe that you are a Leftist and a Nationalist, but deep down, within, you are a true-blue, dyed in the wool, Fascist. 

You know your history, Mr. President. Fascists are a dying breed.