Thursday, July 6, 2017

Martial law in the Philippines---a complete transformation to a garrison state

I'm sure members of our Highest Court knew the serious implications of their decision legitimising the Martial law declaration of President Duterte. Sectors are now preparing for an eventual showdown anytime soon against the possible application of martial rule throughout the country. That decision meant the complete transformation of this state as a garrison state. Such a collusion of various members of this country's elite around a concept that has been rejected by the People in 1986,  has never been seen until now. It is very interesting how things developed this way--from a somewhat people-oriented government into a government with a self-defending and elite-controlled one.

Re-studying our History, I find that this is not something that architects of this developmental construct came up just recently. I believe this is a protracted struggle which traced its roots way back in 1986, shortly after the defeat of the Marcosian forces by the counter-elites led by the Aquinos. From that monumental event, believers of this construct worked their way unto the system, masquerading as democratic forces while colluding with social influencers like the media in portraying efforts at making the Philippines an open democratic society such failed experiments. Why did we now arrive at a very solid conclusion that it is only thru strong arm tactics would be able to solve the monumental ills of this society?

This can also be the culmination of decades-long sociological re-imagination of the role of the Military in state affairs. Thinkers behind this developmental construct that is the garrison state may have been toying the idea that Marcos was actually right in declaring martial rule except that he eventually succumbed to monumental graft and corruption due to his avarious family members.

Now that the concept has been freed from conjugal influence, supporters of the strong-arm rule concept believe that there is no more reason not to implement a Council-type government where members or proxy members of the elite occupy sensitive posts of power.

The only question that remains is--what would be the event that would trigger Duterte to declare martial rule? Who will be the escape goat this time?