Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight heading for the humdrum kingdom

A UFC fighter versus a professional 40-0 boxer, who'll emerge victorious? Millions have speculated about the odds of a UFC fighter lasting even a round or two in the ring with a boxer who has spent hundreds of hours locked in a brutal fight with other classy pugilists. Go to Youtube, and you'll find that this UFC vs. Boxer idea is one among hundreds pitting one martial arts form with another.

One such Youtube video involves 15 year old Amateur boxing champion Rakeem Nealy in a sparring session with UFC professional fighter Jaime Alvarez (6-1).  A boxing promoter probably saw how 2.5 million people thought of this as a cool thing, and voila, you have your Mcgregor vs. Mayweather fight.

Of course, this Mayweather vs. Mcgregor fight promoter probably did not saw another video, this time between a Russian truck driver and an MMA professional fighter which garnered 3 million more views than this Nealy vs. Alvarez sparring bout.

I'm old enough to know that the more pre-fight hoopla, the more chances of this fight heading towards a mediocre ending. Reports about this fight have centered on Mcgregor's racist remarks and Mayweather's treating the Irish 29 year old fighter like his man bitch.

These colorful coverages are there to blur the statistics between the two. These verbal exchanges are meant to confuse and befuddle the bettors of this fight. And based on my observation, promoters want to increase bets on Mcgregor eventhough odds are surely stacked against him.

Observers of boxing know that:

1. There is simply no chance for Mcgregor to win this fight since no neophyte fighter has ever won against a veteran of many wars. Mcgregor may have that power punches and kicks, but compared with Mayweather's tactics and antics in the ring, the Irish man's skills are simply no match against the American's. I predict an early knockdown, with Mcgregor kissing the canvas as early as the third or fourth.

2. The dimensions of the ring is also a factor why I believe Mcgregor would simply wither away once he engages with Mayweather. UFC rings are octagonal which allows more space for kicks and punches. Professional boxing rings are rectangular which provides for increased chances of two fighters engaging early on. It would be too late for McGregor the minute Mayweather lands his patented punches on his face and body coz he'll be strolling along Dreamtown boulevard.

3. We all know that power punches depend on weight. A 210 pound man can throw a more lethal punch than, say a 120 pound boxer. Reports say, both fighters agreed to fight on the 154 lb weight, which is a disadvantage for Mayweather, according to reports, since he has been fighting at the 147 lb weight class since 2007.

This news item seemed to suggest that Mcgregor is at an advantage but if you think of this, this is actually a plus for Mayweather because it increases the boxers' muscle and knockout power when you put on another 10 pounds on him. Mayweather is already forty years old and it's natural for his body to take on that extra ten. Mayweather is gunning on a knockdown and since Mcgregor is not a Speedy Gonzales type, similar to Manny Pacman Pacquiao, extra poundage for Mayweather is okey and it makes him stronger and with his height, it would be natural for him to move a little slower yes, but more lethal than before.

So, thinking of betting for this fight? Keep your money, and just watch this on regular TV. This fight is more for entertainment, rather than a serious one between two serious practitioners of the art.

The fact is, this fight aims to boost the stock of both UFC and boxing. These two martial arts forms are losing audiences for the past few years, mainly because there's simply no one exciting enough to watch. And that fake wrestling body called WWE is the one laughing all the way to the bank.