Tuesday, October 2, 2007

AB-ZTE-FG---will FG be next in the firing line?

Abalos has just resigned. GMA was reportedly surprised. This happened in a very short period of time. The next query--who's next in the chopping block?

AB then ZTE

Will GMA's trip to China today marks the end of ZTE? This abrupt trip to China smells like an attempt at damage control on the part of the president. What will GMA say to the Chinese? She appears like one of the consorts of the Chinese emperor of old, reporting to them like they are the new masters of the Filipinos. We know from sources inside the palace that the $ 1.8 B loan package that China dangled like a carrot to Arroyo is on the verge of being written off by the Chinese because of this ZTE deal. And we heard that some ZTE officials have literally begged Arroyo to tell the truth about this shaddy deal entered by her and her husband to their principal in China. Some Chinese friends from the Communist Party told New Philippine Revolution that the stench has reached alarming proportions throughout the global business community that it threatens other ZTE deals from other countries. ZTE is a global brand. Its a major supplier of telecommunications equipment for large multinational companies around the world. With this deal going bonkers, expect a major shakedown within the company. That shakedown of political operators within ZTE will have drastic effects on the company's capabilities.

ZTE then FG

After the ZTE, will GMA then pressure her husband to "back off" from government deals, the same way she and her gang turned Abalos into a sacrificial lamb? It seems that FG has been effectively shielded from all these just by merely being away from it all. What is FG really doing there in Europe? Is he trying to protect their asses err assets? Or, as some say, FG is preparing the country of their exile in time for the next big thing? We heard that the couple does not intend to suffer the same fate as Erap so they would want to stay away from the Philippines in an event of major power grab.

Issue shifting---again

It seems that the issue has drastically changed direction. Last week, all eyes were on Abalos as he tried to parry the maliciousness of the Senate and the barrage of illicit innuendoes. Now that he resigned, the administration has a real issue in their hands. As what we wrote here, it's clear that Abalos will be sacrificed by the palace along with Neri. His resignation has now dictated the tempo of this controversy. For instead of putting an end into all of these, Abalos' resignation has put Arroyo into very dangerous situations.

Dangerous Liaisons

Think about this---Abalos will now be free to launch a vilification campaign against his former principal. Like all other EDSA 1 veterans, Abalos is obviously a fighter. He's a political survivor. He knows the game and has the skills for survival. Obviously, Abalos was stunned by the betrayal of the palace whom he has caressed and cared for during the previous two elections. I believe the confrontation of Neri and Abalos during the Senate hearings have taken Abalos aback. Obviously, the old man could not believe that he's being fed to the wolves, with nay of a support (even moral) from his principal. Grizzled veterans like Abalos knows how and when to throw that knockout punch and judging from his moves right now, Abalos is timing his actions. Will Abalos do an Ali who once flew like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

Abalos ala Ali

Reports say, Abalos vowed to fight back. He wants to clear his name. But, ex Chair, how would you do it? The entire country has taken you as an influence-peddler. The entire palace media machinery has been ordered to wreck your entire persona. You have been portrayed as a cheap political caddy. It would take Abalos years to repair that damage. It appears that Abalos will not fade away, as some palace sectors hope he would.

Villains turning into heroes?

If Abalos sings, as some civil society sectors hope he will, it might turn him into an instant hero. Look at how Chavit did it. Chavit is as guilty as Erap when he made that "revelation." Will Abalos do the same thing, this time against the EDSA 2 beneficiary?

Look at the number of articles coming out of the papers. It's like a political battlefield out there. Some reports say that JDV has a hand in a number of Chinese deals, including the North Rail and the Cyber-Education project. I believe in this. JDV probably sent his son or supported him just for them to appear clean in all these allegations. Or, even if he did'nt do it or did'nt push his son or any other sonnafabitch to spill the dirty work, there's a clear indication that these things have a deeper shit behind them.

Neri---the real villain?

It appears, as some sectors allude, that Neri is not as clean as what he was pictured out to be. ZTE pursued him even up to the ched with the Cyber-Education project, another big elephant which nearly escaped the public eye. Is it possible that Neri did received a huge sum, as what some reports say, from ZTE? Is Neri the real villain here? Note that Neri elected not to reveal anything against Arroyo at the hearings. He's a lapdog, that's as clear as day. Why? Probably the palace holds some aces in their sleeves against him. It could be that Neri is a bagman, as what others say he is.

The Final Punch

I still believe that all of these things will lead to a big incident, so big that it would topple GMA in a few months' time. Forces are slowly confluencing into one gigantic movement and nature's law dictates that such a force should (1) have direction and (2) should have an outlet of expression.

In the next few days, I believe that Abalos will find "enlightenment" and decide to fight those who betrayed him. Will he spill the beans, as some sectors hope he will against GMA? Or he'll just fire his gun specifically at his detractors, at Joey?

His decision will be based on time. Readers, this is cryptic. Read between the lines, please and you'll know the truth.

(UPDATE) Cory Aquino visits Abalos after resignation
By Kristine L. Alave
Last updated 07:54pm (Mla time) 10/01/2007
Most Read
MANILA, Philippines--Former president Corazon Aquino on Monday visited Benjamin Abalos Sr. after he announced his resignation as chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), saying she was returning the support Abalos and his family gave her when she herself was plagued by crisis.

Aquino arrived at Abalos’ residence on Kanlaon Street in Mandaluyong City past 3 p.m. She was greeted by the ex-poll chairman and his wife, Corazon.

In a brief talk with the media, Aquino expressed support for Abalos and said she has been praying for the beleaguered government official.

When her administration was threatened by coup d’etats, Abalos was one of the first officials to arrive in MalacaƱang to give her support. Abalos and his wife were also there for her when she felt like an outcast and nobody wanted to associate with her during her crisis years, Aquino said.

“I’m returning his support,” Aquino explained, adding that her visit should remind Abalos that he still has friends.

"Nung nakita ko si Cora kanina, awang-awa ako [When I saw Cora earlier, I pitied her]," she added.

On the allegations that Abalos brokered the $329-million national broadband network (NBN) deal between the Arroyo administration and the Chinese firm ZTE Corp., Aquino withheld her judgment. She added that Abalos must have prayed hard when he decided to step down from his post.

“The truth will come out,” the former president said.

“Daanin na lang natin sa dasal [Let us course it through prayers]. Trust everything to the Lord,” Aquino advised Abalos.

Aside from allegedly brokering the NBN contract, Abalos was also accused of attempted bribery by former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri and businessman Jose De Venecia III.

Abalos vehemently denied the charges, saying he would file damage and perjury suits against his detractors.

Aquino gave Abalos his first break in politics when she appointed him officer-in-charge of Mandaluyong City in 1986, after the People Power revolution.

The ex-poll official even showed photographs of his oath-taking as Mandaluyong City OIC to Aquino, during their chat, which lasted for about 30 minutes.

Abalos eventually became the city mayor, a post he held until 1998, when he was replaced by his son, Benhur.
After his stint in the local government, Abalos headed the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. In 2002, he was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to chair the Commission on Elections.

Abalos said he was “encouraged” by Aquino’s visit. The former president left the Abalos residence around 3:50 p.m.

"When you are in crisis, you will really know who your real friends are," he said.

“I feel very much touched. Somehow, this strengthens you,” he said. “I never expected this,” he added.

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