Monday, March 3, 2008

Vatican influence over CBCP and the China question

It was revealing to me what Jun Lozada told reporters about his conversation with a priest who's a member of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. He said that the reason why the CBCP refuses to issue a firmer political condemnation of the Arroyo administration is the perception that this could be used by other countries in the region to "oppress" or "delimit" the works of evangelization by Catholic churches in those countries.

I immediately remembered the news which says that China is now locked into a veritable cold war with the Vatican. China has its own self-appointed Church head in their country, much like what they did in Tibet where they appointed their own Dalai Lama while allowing the real Dalai Lama to go on exile. Did the Vatican influenced the CBCP not to "rock the boat", so to speak, in deference to what's happening in China?

Some quarters are speculating that this could be the real reason why the CBCP refuses to condemn the Arroyo administration. Of course, we can't discount the possibility that some bishops were given some favours. However, I am sure that this is the real reason why our church leaders are not issuing a stronger statement.

There are indications, I believe, that the CBCP will issue such a statement. The Church has said that if Malacanang still refused to revoke EO 464, then, they will definitely call for a resignation.