Friday, June 12, 2009

Bloggers should protect Philippine democracy

Today marks our Independence Day. More than a century ago, our forefathers struggled against foreign colonization. Now, we fight a government that perpetuates oppression and aggression against the majority of our people.

Yes, we can say that we are free. The freedoms and rights that we so enjoy today were only part of the dreams of our forefathers. Hence, as a tribute to their sacrifices, let us always remember to cherish and treasure these freedoms.

That's why it is our responsibility to preserve and protect these freedoms and rights now being threatened by a group of oligarchs who lust for more power. These oligarchs led by Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wants to snatch these freedoms away from us and throw us back to the dark days of dictatorship. No. Never.

Twenty years we suffered under the grip of a tyrant whose ambition for greatness destroyed his soul. Now, we face a shrewd one, a devilish snake who, I likened to a pipe piper, ready to slay us with her sweet words.

Our future depends on all of us. If we allow this creeping dictatorship to again enslave us, then, we are worst than those Filipinos of days past who helped colonizers in raping and killing their fellow Filipinos.

And the onus of again, rising up to the challenge of these times, rest on us, online Filipinos. It is time for us to show to the world that we are not slacktivists. That it is time for Filipinos to stand up and be physically counted when the time comes for us to take action.