Thursday, June 11, 2009

Change Tactics Against Cha-Cha Campaign

Last March 25, 2009, I wrote a piece entitled, " Charter Change will not lead to EDSA". I wrote there that people will not rise up to end charter change. Malacanang knows this, that's why they've been so blatant and crass in their approaches.

I am sticking to this analysis----there'll be no widespread uprising unless the main oppositors against charter change change their tactics. What do I mean by this?

Obviously, the palace is using the "old bogey" of politics behind these moves against charter change simply because we see the same old, tired faces talking infront of the crowd during these anti-charter change rallies. We see old veterans of the streets hugging headlines and trying to rally the people behind their cause.

The people will not join them simply because the people want new faces to lead the campaign, this movement to protect democracy.

Look at the thinning numbers of people going to those rallies. Yesterday, the number of people who went to Ayala was estimated at only around 13,000. That's a dismal number. Imagine, people know that we now face the very prospect of cha-cha, yet, the numbers did not even reach 15,000.

Why? Is it because the people are already tired of going to rallies? No. Is it because the organizers failed to properly inform everybody about this rally? No. Or, is it because the police tried to prevail some people from going to the rally site? Again, no.

People don't go to these rallies simply because they think that nothing will ever come about it. If they see perhaps that after these demonstrations, they'll be someone or some group who'll rise up to confront the palace in an armed confrontation, they'll surely go. That is what the people want to see.

They want to confront this government through arms. Ask every Filipino and you'll get the same answer. It is only the counter-elite who does not want armed confrontation.

Let the Lower House convene itself into a Constituent Assembly come July 27, 2009 or even before that. Let them tinker with the Constitution. Let no oppositor file any case questioning the conduct of the Lower House before the Supreme Court. And even let the Arroyo regime institute a State of Emergency or even Martial Law.

Let them. Because I surely believe that their action will cause the rising of the Filipino People.