Monday, June 22, 2009

Erap spent US$ 1.6 million for choppers

In the last ANC leadership forum, former president Joseph Estrada revealed that he's now penniless. He is, as he claims, property-less. He already gave everything, every single penny to the Ejercito Foundation.

Then, this news hits us.....

Erap just spent US$ 1.6 million pesos for helicopters. WTF? Where did he get that? Thought that he's "for the Filipino masses"?

That's a whooping 50 million plus pesos which should have been properly spent in either soup kitchens or other means in helping poor and destitute Filipinos.

Don't tell me that Erap will just use this to go the rounds throughout the country?

Aside from a brand-new helicopter, Erap also bought a jet and 20 vans. Wow.

The elites in this country are all the same.