Monday, June 22, 2009

RP Malls vulnerable to H1N1 spread

I watched " The Terminator" over at Waltermart Makati yesterday. Before that, I went to Greenhills and Glorietta and you know what I noticed?

No one was checking on the temperatures of those going in these malls. Why? What's the difference between schools and shopping malls? Nothing. Why are schools doing their routine temperature checks when malls are not?

I also inspected their comfort rooms and there are no hand sanitizers or even alcohols. Por dios por santo que horror!

Malls are susceptible. I think this early, government, especially the Department of Health should urge mall owners to do what schools, like Reedley International School, is doing and that is, check the body temperatures of those who enters their facilities and ensure that adequate health sweeps are done to ensure that their facilities are virus-free.