Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Filipino Masses as Enlightened Class

Are we really a young democracy that majority of the anakpawis, as what this BongV portrays in his article over at are "ignoramuses"? BongV wants us to believe that the D-E class are the worst because they allow all of these chaos to happen in this country. That the onus for change lies in us, the A-B class.

BongV must have been absent when his History professors were teaching him about Philippine history. Or, BongV must have been so blind that he forgot that the very freedoms he so enjoys now was the result of the "ignorance" of the D-E class.

It was a member of the D-E class, not an Ilustrado, who went out of his comfort zone just to break the hold of colonialism in this country. Members of this D-E class also went out of their way, forsook their own futures, and fought the Japs for democracy. And this same class went out to the streets in 1986 to eventually end a dictatorship.

The D-E class is not ignorant. They are even more intelligent than us. They vote actors in office to spite the political system. They regularly vote for comics and neurotic judges to national offices because they don't believe that these people will ever change the way things are anyway and better that these people occupy government posts for entertainment.

Whereas, members of the A-B class urge people to vote and for what? To vote for the perpetuation of a dysfunctional democracy? To vote to change a group of greedy elites with greedier ones? The D-E class knows this, that's why they mess the elections everytime. Are we so ignorant not to see why the D-E class behaves the way they do?

We, especially BongV, are the ignorant ones because despite our phds and our masteral degrees, we still don't understand them. And all these revolts led by us, the A-B class, have been failures. Whereas the revolutions the D-E class led all went well, and straight to victory.

It is not us who will eventually lead this nation to greatness and true change, no. It will be the Filipino masses, once described as the unwashed, who will eventually end this tragedy and jail the breakers of the law and their minions.