Sunday, June 14, 2009

Filipino Middle Class shrunk to 19%

Now, the truth is revealed. According to government statistics, only 19.1 percent of the Philippine population remained in the middle class economic category, down from 22-23% last year. And the slide happened even prior to the global economic crisis. The economic category of the lower middle class and the lower/impoverished class ballooned.

It seems that the economic strategy being employed by this regime is ineffective. Where is the purported economic stimulus package? Where are the billions reportedly forked out by SSS? And where are the alleged small and medium size entreprise assistance from GSIS, Pag-Ibig and the rest?

And despite this slide, there is no noticeable increase in dissent among the middle class. Many are evidently grumbling but the decibel remains so low, it does not register as protests.

This is the same economic situation comparable to 1986, the time when Marcos was ousted from power (review statistics in 1986 and you'll see that the contraction also happened prior to a big event).

Maybe something is terribly wrong, somewhere, somehow. People are silently raging and probably biting their teeth and sucking it all in.

What is evident that somewhere, somehow and in the near future, the increasing economic crunch would surely, and truly, lead to a big explosive event that would force people to go out of their comfort zones and arm themselves with their courage and cause the immediate downfall of this despicable regime. What it is, I doubt it is charter change. Yet, if this regime forces itself further and implement its evil plan to change the constitution, they'll be war. And I'm sure of it. That would be the casus belli that everyone is expecting for a long time. Deep within us however, the fight is actually more economic than political.