Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mantika politics

Two things that people here in the Philippines are very concerned about---the rising prices of basic commodities and the increasing number of firms closing due to the recession. Prices of rice, chicken, beef and canned goods have risen to astronomically ridiculous heights. Gasoline prices, which some experts including Consumer Oil Price Watch head Raul Concepcion said were overpriced by 8 pesos, are spiralling out of control. What happened to the Senate probe? What happened to calls for these big oil companies to open their books? Nada. Our leaders are really a useless lot.

What's worst---government admits that vegetable and meat dealers are raking huge profits with these price hikes---and they're not doing anything. DZMM interviewed Department of Agriculture secretary Arthur Yap this morning and he admitted that, indeed, suppliers and sellers in the markets are making a killing. DA is not doing anything about it and surely, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is likewise,inutile.

There are, however, some doubts expressed by some people, suspicion even. They say that prices of goods were artificially raised now so that come the SONA, prices will again "normalize". Mrs. Arroyo would then be able to say that job accomplished. Kumbaga, lulutuin muna tayo ng pamahalaan sa matataas na presyo ng mga bilihin ngayon para pagdating ng Hulyo 27, uutusan ng pangulo ang DTI na pipiliting maibaba ang mga presyong ito para maging accomplishment ng administrasyon. Galing ano?