Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mr.Winston Garcia role in Smartmatic-TIM deal?

Inquirer headlined " 500-M demand did it" referring to the cause of the split between Smartmatic and Total Information Management (TIM). Makati Cong. Teddy Locsin revealed that lawyers of Smartmatic International received an "indecent proposal" from TIM President and CEO Jose Mari Antunez to the tune of 500 million pesos. Locsin said TIM suddenly played "hardball" when COMELEC announced the notice of award to the consortium.

Now, certain info has leaked especially on the circumstances that led TIM to play hardball. One of those information is the sudden appearance of a very powerful person into the picture. Who is this very powerful man?

Antunez revealed that his lawyers reportedly met and saw this powerful man with a member of the Aboitiz family at the Manila Peninsula hotel coffee shop last week. This powerful man is Winston Garcia, who was the one allegedly who nominated the Aboitizes to the deal. Garcia was talking with Don Enrique Aboitiz, Cezar Quiambao and Cesar Flores of Smartmatic International.
A few days after this, Antunez reportedly received a call from Aboitiz, demanding that he toe the line otherwise, he'll "offend very powerful people." That prompted TIM to play hardball to deliberately break the deal, because some sources said, Antunez does not want to be associated with "Mr. Gentleman."

Why did Mr. Antunez decide to break the deal? Sources say Antunez is an honest businessman who does not want to be associated with the "dirty antics" of this group. Which group? Read my next entry.

(By the way, who is Jose Mari Antunez? That will be my next entry.)