Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Resolution 1109: Martial Law in August

Rep. Luis Villafuerte is a shrewd politician. But, he cannot fool us, no.

He'll be the one who'll challenge the Resolution 1109 before the Supreme Court. He's the trojan horse of Mrs. Arroyo.

He deliberately stayed his hand, reportedly bolted the administration party and is thinking of going to the NPC to austensibly join it. Yet, he's a main actor in this charade (as what Joe de Venecia referred to this Resolution 1109).

Villafuerte will drag the Supreme Court in this controversy so that the Executive will be the remaining institution left standing. Villafuerte, Ronnie Puno and all the architects of this travesty called Resolution 1109 are in for the long haul. Their mission is the establishment of another dictatorship, far worse than the victim of EDSA Uno.

The penultimate game plan is simply not a peaceful and democratic shift to parliamentarism. No. Were it so, we should have at least read it in the wording of this Resolution.

The plan is the establishment of martial rule come August of this year. This coincides with the strategy put forward by a Jesuit priest and his chuwawah, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, the rasputin of Mrs. Arroyo. The aim is simply force the shift and ram it down our throats.

And in all wars, this comes in pristine timing. The Opposition is weak. The soldiers are lulled to deep sleep. The Patriots are incarcerated. There is no force strong enough to repulse a repeat of authoritarianism in the Philippines.

That's why, expect not the dawning of a New Morning, but an ushering of the dark ages in Philippine history.

And what is the prize for raping the Constitution? Billions of dollars worth of projects, the Bagong Nayon Filipino resort project of PAGCOR and other jewels and gems included in the 2009 budget.

These people are resolved to kill us just so they can enjoy these gems and exercise power even beyond 2010.