Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Molotov Cocktail Approach

As a rejoinder to an earlier piece, a cocktail of actions should be undertaken to defeat the Arroyo administration. These coordinated actions should be under the auspices of one coordinating group. There should be no letup. Everything ends when we see Mrs. Arroyo either in jail or boarding an airplane to Timbuktu.

There should be no negotiations. There is just one call---OUSTER OF MRS. ARROYO FROM MALACANANG. There should be no compromise. The option for Mrs. Arroyo is simply incarceration for the numerous crimes she and her devil flock did against the Filipino People.

The People's Tribunal should be revived immediately, and render judgment publicly and implement punishment immediately. From the Tribunal, a People's Enforcement Group (PEG) should be established to execute the judgment. There should be no letup.

Every and all action should lead into one momentous event. Do not be afraid when the State declares a State of Emergency nor Martial rule. As I see it, Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk will be unable to implement such measures by that time. If she sees and feels isolation, she will eventually succumb and leave the Palace.

Expect the State to unleash all of its powers to prevent change agents from their missions. Do not fear. These powers are sure to be defeated. Powers are good only when recognized by those who will implement it. If the implementors do not recognize them, they are useless.

All change agents should band together now and use all of its resources to implement this mission. There should be no letup. The eventual debilitation of the State is at hand.