Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to exterminate a Pest

The anti-thesis to the "one step backward, two steps forward" strategy of Mrs. Arroyo in relation to destabilization efforts is simply blitzkrieg. When this administration feels the heat, even before it can recover, efforts should be in the direction of total annihilation. Annihilation is the key to the defeat of this administration. There should be no letup this time.

I won't be too specific in this piece, but just to say that, in this case, force should be met by force. If the State resorts to barbaric and totalitarian tactics and avail of legal remedies to enforce power, the solution is ignore these remedies and continue the struggle.

One classic example is the State of Emergency declaration by Mrs. Arroyo. If she declares one such to counter revolutionary moves, ignore it. For all intents and purposes, if and when she declares such, she will be in a very tenuous position, since by that time, she would have lost any moral standing.

Without the moral standing to govern, Mrs. Arroyo will be incapable of enforcing any available weapons provided by her position, thus, eventually losing the war.

What change agents must do is emphasize on the illegality of Resolution 1109 to demolish the moral ground that this administration has taken. What the Lower House did was plain and simple coup by arrogating full legislative powers unto itself. That is prohibited by the Constitution. That is both illegal and immoral.

Likewise, change agents must cut the communication lines between Mrs. Arroyo's group and her generals and lieutenants. There should be confusion during this war.

ON suggestions that a campaign to recall those legislators and of civil disobedience---these remedies are not suggested at this time. For one, these remedies are long-drawn affairs that even before we see any effects, we have lost the initiative already.

Street actions are necessary at this point. There should be an escalation of hostilities between people's organizations and state security forces. There should be no letup.

No negotiations should be undertaken between change agents and the State. In the event that Mrs. Arroyo and her Congressional allies undertake self-censure and withdraw this Resolution 1109, that should not deter anybody from pursuing this matter to its penultimate end.