Monday, June 15, 2009

New Graft Case Against Villar

In the next few days or weeks, a new controversy against Senator Manuel " Sipag at Tyaga" or "Singit at Taga" Villar is sure to break out. And I think this will really break him. What it is, I am not at liberty to reveal right now, but, this, I think would really push him to the brink of defeat.

Senator Manny Villar is heading towards destruction. He really can't blame others for his woes. He did all of these things himself.

What had happened to the Senate hearing on the ethics case? The controversial crusader, Senator Jamby Madrigal, reportedly, is sick. I just hope that she recovers well and push thru with her case against Villar.

This latest controversy, what with those voluminous documents proving Villar's culpability on this latest caper, cannot be denied by Villar's camp. No.

I feel that this will really be the one that would break the camel's back, just like what I felt when I supported a lady who exposed the alleged "indiscretions" of Lacson some years back.

So, Mr. Villar, are you ready?