Monday, June 15, 2009

Teodoro to announce bid on June 30

This is just in---Defense secretary Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro is expected to be sworn in as Lakas-KAMPI CMD candidate on June 30, 2009. Likewise, on the first week of July, Kabayang Noli de Castro will also swear as member of the newly formed political party. Some say, it's probably in July 1, 2009 or within the week after Teodoro is sworn in as Lakas-KAMPI CMD.

It seems that talks between the camps of Noli and Manny Villar fell through. Villar and Noli went on extensive negotiations in New York last week and with this news, it seems that their teamup will not push thru as planned.

Now, who will be the presidential candidate of the administration party? Is it Teodoro, who is being supported by most Cabinet members? Or Noli? There are talks that Noli will slide down to the vice presidential post, since he is not constitutionally barred from running a second term.

If that happens, then, there's another showdown between Legarda and Noli since there are strong talks that Legarda is willing to engage her erstwhile "nemesis" a second time around.

Now, it would be too uncanny if Noli, for example, wins the LAKAS-KAMPI CMD presidential nomination and Legarda runs for the vice-presidency, that would be too chaotic for a new administration, would you think?

Question---saan pupulutin si Manny Villar? It seems that he's in a quandary. He does'nt have a team mate. And his problems are piling up.