Friday, June 5, 2009

Physically Prevent Congressmen from holding session

Prevent Congressmen from attending the resumption of Congress in the third week of July 2009. Or, possibly deter them from holding a special session prior to the SONA.

This is the most viable option left for us, oppositors of Resolution 1109. Don't file a TRO nor a motion questioning the very act of Congress, no.

The best way to prevent the further rape of our democracy and Constitution is by physically preventing these Congressmen from attending the session, especially a special session to be called by either the President or Speaker Nograles.

The possibility of calling for a special session is there. Mrs. Arroyo could use this as a pretext to solve this "constitutional anomaly". Most probably, Mrs. Arroyo would announce for a special session to "heal the rifts" caused by the provocative act of the Lower House and invite members of the Senate, particularly those aligned with the administration to attend.

We should be very vigilant because that session would be used by Mrs. Arroyo and her Congressional allies to further up the ante and solve the anomaly. They could justify anything passed there since there is a presence of Senators there.