Friday, June 5, 2009

Resolution 1109: Deconstructing GMA & US Sec. Robert Gates

What prompted Mrs. Arroyo to give Speaker Nograles the go-signal to proceed with a patently illegal move last June 2, 2009? In an interview with a Congressman, House reporter Delon Porcalla of the Philippine Star today wrote that Mrs. Arroyo reportedly met with Nograles on the eve of her departure to Korea. Mrs. Arroyo allegedly told Nograles to proceed with the plan of pushing thru with the passage of the Villafuerte resolution.

Mrs. Arroyo knows how this issue would split the newly formed LAKAS KAMPI CMD. She knows the security implications of this and I believe that she heard what US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said about the position of the US government in relation to the 2010 elections. Gates categorically stated the desire of the US to see the peaceful transition of power come 2010.

She also knows that the COMELEC has just practically closed the bidding for the computerized elections, meaning, government is on the verge of spending 18 billion for this.

Now, what prompted her to give the go-signal despite the public pronouncement of the US government position? Is the visit of Gates an indication that the US knew of Mrs. Arroyo's plans and that by sending a top Obama aide here, the US hopes to dissuade her from pushing thru with her evil plan?

Studying her actions for more than ten years indicates that Mrs. Arroyo has an ace in her sleeves. That ace probably is the military.

Be vigilant, be very vigilant. Shortly after the passage of Resolution 1109, the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership just completed its "routine" change of its administrators. Early on, the AFP also had its routine administrative "shakeup". Members of Class 1978, which adopted Mrs. Arroyo as honorary member, are now on the top echelon of both the PNP and the AFP. Are these generals Mrs. Arroyo's own version of Marcos' Rolex generals?

Likewise, Mrs. Arroyo is also replacing two Supreme Court magistrates with her own nominees. Is Mrs. Arroyo on the verge of completing the consolidation of executive, legislative and judicial power under her wing, backed by a loyal group of generals? It seems so.

What Mrs. Arroyo is doing is laying the groundwork for dictatorial rule. She already controls the Lower House and the recent action shows the isolation of the Senate from the scheme of things. She has the generals under her care and in the next few weeks, Mrs. Arroyo would practically control the Highest Tribunal of the land with her nominees. What would prevent her from declaring Gloria forever?

People power is the solution. This time though, there should be no letup. If we launch People Power now, it should be for the total annihilation of Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk.

On the flipside though, maybe Mrs. Arroyo is just toying with us, flexing her muscles just so that we still "toe the line" and prevent her from being a lameduck president? Some people suggested that to me. Or, quite possibly, there is really a cabal inside the palace with the honest and real intention of carving a dictatorship out of an evil kingdom?