Sunday, June 14, 2009

PMA Class 1978 and the Dacer-Corbito Case

Two things why Raul Gonzales was sacked---his reported meddling in the affairs of Lucio Tan and his brother Mariano Tanenglian and his alleged "blunder" in releasing the testimony of former police official Cezar Mancao ahead of the arrival of the witness. This is according to Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson in an interview with the Inquirer.

Now, what struck me is the alleged involvement of PMA Class 1978, the class who adopted Mrs. Arroyo as honorary member. PMA Class 1978 is now entrenched in the police hierarchy. They occupy top and sensitive posts in the police institution. They will also be the top leaders in the AFP. Quarters say they are being prepared by Mrs. Arroyo and members of the First Golfer Group to implement strong arm tactics in the event that con-ass fails.

Lacson said that the class was behind the 180 degree turnaround of Cezar Mancao. They were instrumental on convincing Mancao's wife to allow her husband to turn state witness. Mancao reportedly struck a deal with the class for his eventual reinstatement and the exile of his family in Tanjung, Singapore.

At first, I am quite surprised in this, yet when I asked around, I validated Lacson's statements. It was true that Gonzales did not really had a direct hand in the negotiations for Mancao's about face---it was Prestoza, the newly assigned PSG commander.

As I write this, Mancao is reportedly afraid that someone in the class might order his execution. Remember that prior to EDSA dos, a killing happened right inside the NBI, when two agents (or an agent)was/ were reportedly killed by their colleague inside the facility. Despite the new facade of the NBI, it is still an unsafe facility and the possibility of Mancao being assasinated there or killed is high.

Some wagging tongues say, sinister forces might assassinate Mancao to further damage the reputation of Lacson. If Mancao is killed, that would trigger an "open war" between PMA Class 1971 (the class where Lacson belongs) and PMA Class 1978.

Yet, don't be afraid. These classes are sure to be neutralized by others more civilized. As of this writing, there is a confirmed reinvigoration of New Patriots in the armed services that is more concerned about the health of this country and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to fight the evils of this regime.