Thursday, June 4, 2009

Resolution 1109: We should learn from History & the Fates

Manolo Quezon III in his article today over at the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote that there is still nothing to worry about the passage of Resolution 1109. He says that it is too early to gauge the effects of this resolution. Yes, we should loudly protest. But, better if we just ignore this Resolution since we have'nt felt it's effects yet.

True. Resolution 1109 is still new, still fresh, yet potentially lethal to democracy. Unbeknownest to some, Resolution 1109 just opened the possibility of amending this Charter. From that unfamous night of its passage, the possibility of introducing changes in our Constitution is there--whether the Senate interprets it as legal or not. Obviously, that action of the Lower House is patently illegal and one priest even said, "immoral." And when we see such illegality and immorality, it is our duty to sound the clarion call.

Why wait for the darkness to fall when we still have time to act against it? Ano, we will wait for this deep, thick darkness to envelop and eat us first before we act? No!

As what Renato Reyes and all the other veterans of Martial rule told us, there is a history behind this. They were caught flat-footed before in 1971 when former strongman Ferdinand Marcos declared martial rule. They thought Marcos' intention was solely for constitutional change through the Constitutional Convention. Obviously, they were wrong. Marcos used the "riftrafts", the "confusion", the "chaos" that attended the Convention to justify his real intention, and that was, carve himself a kingdom out of numerous fiefdoms. That kingdom of the Malakas and the Maganda lasted for twenty years.

History would also attest how this lady, as what Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said, has orchestrated vicious mischiefs in the past. Remember her Rizal Day declaration? How about those numerous SONA's which vowed to stamp out corruption? Those white lies and black lies have all turned into nasty jokes yet we all felt their evil effects on our daily, ordinary lives. How about her cutesy little face turning into a sad frown in that "I'm sorry" episode, part of "Hello"?

Now, would we allow this devil enfant to carve for herself, her husband, her sons and their generals a similar Kingdom, with a dwarf and an ogre as our Malakas and Maganda?

We must not trust this demon enfant. We must trust our instincts.

Likewise, I would not subscribe to another blogger (Normankonrad, I believe his name is) suggestion that we put up a civil disobedience campaign. He says we must not succumb to the trap set before us by this government by engaging in violent street protests and actions.

Mr. Konrad, this government knows only one law, and that is, the law of Force. The more we do democratic means, the more brazen this government becomes.

As what I said before, this government thrives on destabilization. It quickly adapts itself to the times, able to withstand criticisms and long-drawn out destabilization actions and turn these into learnings for survival. Since its inception, the Arroyo regime has absorbed every countermeasure and transformed them into positive actions.

Now, how can we counteract the unwritten policy of this government of one step back, two steps forward? Let me elucidate it in my next entry.