Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TIM was offered an impossible request

In an interview today over at DZMM, former National Computer Center (NCC) head Ike Seneres surmised that maybe the reason why Total Information Management (TIM) withdrew from the poll automation is the "impossible request" coming from "higher ups". What kind of request, Seneres was wont to say. Seneres said TIM CEO and president Jose Antonio Antunez is a man of integrity. There is a possibility, says Seneres, that there probably was a request from someone or some group either in Commission on Elections (COMELEC) or in Malacanang and that Antunez was quick to squelch it. Senator Richard Gordon opined that there could be powerful groups within COMELEC that does not want automation of the elections. Who are these groups? Gordon did not identify them.

What is certain is the possibility of manual counting remains, unless, COMELEC does something impossible, for example, a purported plan to merge with Smartmatic just to push thru with the plan.

What is the reason behind the "irreconciliable" differences between Smartmatic and TIM?