Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vagni beheaded by ASG?

Was Eugenio Vagni, the last remaining International Red Cross volunteer kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf in Jolo executed last June 13? There are persistent reports that Albader Parad, an ASG sub-commander, reportedly beheaded Vagni, a few hours after a bloody encounter with the military which resulted to the death of one of Dr. Abu's son. Parad's wife and brother were also killed.

Vagni was reportedly buried in a shallow grave somewhere in Indanan Sulu. The last time that Vagni was reported alive was on June 2, the day he last called his wife.

A member of the Bangsamoro Civil Society said that Vagni's death could be true since attacks from the military have intensified. Probably, that led to the ASG surmising that government is not concerned with the safety of Vagni anymore.

Vagni has been held hostage for more than six months already. Talks have bogged down between government emisaries and the ASG.

The last encounter between the ASG and the military resulted to the death of seven Marines and about 15 suspected ASG members.
Is this the reason why Mrs. Arroyo hurriedly left for Japan and why the military intensified its military operations against the bandits?
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