Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stop Con-Ass Thru RA 6735

Noli Benavent is inviting us to attend the 2nd Eye Ball event to STOP CON-ASS this Friday, June 19. Noli, who worked as an OFW in the Middle East, is very passionate about his advocacy. His Facebook account has reached 65,000 people already and he's targetting to get at least 100,000 by June 19.

I ask my friends here to please help us populate the site. Promote it among your friends. Sign up. Let's register our dissent online.

By the way, there is another less-stressful means of defeating House Resolution 1109 and that is, using the power appropriated to the people through Republic Act 6735, which is "AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A SYSTEM OF INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR."

The lower house claims that what they did was legal and constitutional last June 2, right? Should they push thru with it sans the Senate, then, the remedy is simply not question it before the Supreme Court. We must, instead, exercise our rights enunciated on this law. We must gather signatures in opposition of HR 1109 and present it to the proper Court for validation and immediate action.

In the past, this administration used RA 6735 as a pretext to change the Constitution. Let us then, turn this law on its head and use this against those who want to tinker with it.

We can petition Congress to reject HR 1109. We can go to the COMELEC to verify the signatures in opposition to this bill. All we need is ten percentum of the total registered voters population which now stands roughly at 40 million (meaning, we need 4 million signatures).

Oppositors of con-ass should undertake provincial signature caravans throughout the country and get the required number of people who'll sign our petition against HR 1109.