Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why we choose the wrong leaders?

Retired general Fortunato Abat today said that Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro has a slim chance of snatching the presidency. He said that Teodoro is not a traditional politician and being so, has a slim chance of making it because the electoral system is not mature enough to elect someone like him.

Abat just echoed what we are espousing all along--that we cannot proceed with this elections until after we achieve political maturity. Elections will just be a waste of money, resources and would further frustrate the people since it's quite certain that we'll just elect the wrong people. Until we solve the Cordocet paradox, we can never ever be ready enough to exercise the full workings of democracy.

A system of patronage works only for the perpetuation of elite domination. And when traditional politics still plays a major role in governance, there can never be political modernization. Elites will forever block efforts at changing this country in a substantial way since they benefit from the status quo. With this cycle, we remain underdeveloped in our political thinkings and processes.