Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dead at 50; Farrah Fawcett at 62

Pop superstar Michael Jackson died due to a massive heart attack today at an L.A. hospital.

A call was made at around 12:15pm from Jackson's house.Paramedics rushed to his house when the pop superstar complained of chest pains.

He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center where he was put under emergency care.

He reportedly collapsed and died after an hour in intensive care, according to Associated Press. There is still no reports as to what caused Jackson's condition, however some doctors say it might be because of the pop icon's diet and fad lifestyle.

However, other reports say he's still alive and in a coma inside the UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

The King of Pop was slated this year to renew his world tour. He waxed a new album and was about to launch it when the tragedy happened. He was 50.

Similarly, former 70's sex symbol Farrah Fawcett also died at the Saint Johns Hospital in Santa Monica California due to cancer. Fawcett entered the hospital last April. Fawcett has suffered from anal cancer for years. She left one child and husband, star Ryan O'Neal. She was 62.

Fawcett shot to superstardom when she shot a pinup poster in 1976. She was famous then as one of the stars in the hit show, "Charlie's Angels."
After "Angels", Fawcett starred in several movies and even co-starred with former husband Lee Majors in the "Million Dollar Man." Some years after her divorce with Majors, she found a new love with Ryan O'Neal. They had a son, Raymond, who's now in rehabilitative care.
These stars will be remembered, classy acts during their time.