Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Zeros In My Timer

Notice the timer at the right column of my site? It reads "00.00.00". And I'm not even correcting that. Why? What's the purpose?

The timer was specifically set last June 12, 2009. It was meant to tell you something. Only those who know what's happening in our society knows why it's now set to "00.00.00".

Like what Chief Justice Reynato Puno said, there's nothing to celebrate about Independence Day. We're not free. We're not enjoying the freedoms we're supposed to enjoy simply because we simply are not entirely free.

We are enslaved by our capitalist masters who give us measly sums as salaries and charge exorbitant rates for our food. We are helpless against oil companies who constantly raise their prices without any government intervention. We live in constant fear of our lives because of rampant crime happening almost every single day. And we can't do anything against those government officials who steal our precious hard-earned taxes.

Senator Ping Lacson is right. We should show our dissent by not paying our taxes. But, can we really do this? I mean, for every gasoline we buy, there's VAT. They automatically charge VAT to us. How can a simple farmer or a simple worker express his dissent?

Only through a revolution I suppose. For this to work, there must be someone brave enough to rise to the occasion and take hold of a hammer and slam this regime to smithereens.

Like what an Inquirer columnist wrote a few days ago, we don't need a Rizal at this point. We need a Bonifacio. And a Bonifacio always appear when timers need resetting.

I will only reset this timer when the time of change has finally arrived.