Friday, July 10, 2009

Diffusing martial law talks

Kung gaano nila kabilis pina-init ang tungkol sa bombing, ganon din nila kabilis pinatay ang isyu. Why?

Simple---this regime is weaker than before. The situation now is actually a reverse of the previous one where the Arroyo regime gets its way whenever there's a destabilized situation. If you notice, destabilization efforts strengthen instead of weaken the regime. When it sees an occasion to use military power, this regime never hesitates. The use of military action to diffuse a supposed power grab was meant to stress authority and power over their enemies. And for every action that this regime takes to neutralize its enemies, the stronger it becomes in the minds of the people. And why is that? Because there was a perception that the regime stands on a higher moral ground than its critics. That impression leaves a lasting mark in people's minds, convincing many that being in the good side of the regime is better than risk being its enemy.

Now, it's different. People think now that this regime is out to extend its stay, whatever means possible. These talks of martial rule are starting to create an impression on the minds of the people that the regime is desperate to prolong its stay, at any cost. For the people, this is unacceptable. Filipinos can tolerate one or two terms, but another six years with Gloria? That is too much.

Advisers of Mrs. Arroyo might have realized this. That's why they made every effort to diffuse the situation. Try to look at the list of stories of both ABS-CBN and GMA---there is but casual mention of the bombings any longer. And take a hard look at the headlines tomorrow and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Likewise, the Arroyo regime might have noticed that one or two military groups or factions tried to add fire to these talks (or rumours if you believe government). Look at how NCRPO denied the presence of terrorists in Metro Manila. And see how fast government tried to impress us by arresting so-called bombing experts of the Abu Sayyaf Group. These incidents are like road shows, easy to dismantle whenever necessary.