Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ed Panlilio as President--Sure. Let's Get Real.

I have one question for my friend and colleague over at Filipino Voices. Cocoy wrote an entry entitled " The President Priest" which he asked Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio to go run for the presidency. He says Panlilio's "gift of discernment" could be used to solve the nation's problems. He also says that Panlilio could provide the "rallying point" for "deep thinkers and strategists" to come together and solve the people's problems. Sure.

Cocoy, if Panlilio can't even unite the fragmented political groups in Pampanga, asa pa tayo that he can do such a thing as president. Okey, so how would he lead a peace negotiation, by prayer? Would Panlilio be expected to pray over the peace negotiators from the MILF? How would Panlilio act before the atheistic members of the CPP-NPA-NDF? Would Panlilio lead them all to a prayer session before resuming peace talks?

How would Panlilio approach the Reproductive Health bill? Would he sign it? How about an abortion law? Would he sign it? Or, how about when Congress passes a law that bans prayers in Catholic schools, would Panlilio sign it?

How would he then talk with the leaders of the Iglesia Ni Kristo? Or Eli Soriano of the Dating Daan? How would he feel about the Hindus and the Buddhists living in this country? What if a Catholic institution or a Catholic corporation encounter graft charges? What then would be the position of Panlilio?

If, say, terrorists again bomb Mindanao and kidnap members of the civilian populace there and the only measure is a military strike which, obviously, would mean killing scores of people, what then? How would Panlilio decide on this? Will he wage war against the enemies of the state? Or, will he just ask everybody to just pray that we tide these things over?

Let's admit it---Panlilio's win as governor of Pampanga is, at best, an aberration. The reason is quite simple---at that time, the people faced both the devil and Beelshebub. A known big-time jueteng lord wants to be governor while a political scion of a discredited name also wants to continue his graft-filled governance. Faced with no better option, the people voted for Panlilio.

IN 2010, the people will be faced by so many options, better than Panlilio. Let me ask the handlers of Panlilio---are you friends or two-faced enemies of the governor? Why are you pushing him out of Pampanga politics where he's actually the best bet of the people there? You're pushing Panlilio to hell. Why, because you're disappointed of his performance and you want a sequel of the Macapagal-Lapid-Pineda triumvirate?

If Panlilio and his supporters really want to help the country, ask him to run again as governor. That way, he'll be able to destroy this triumvirate and continue on the reforms he already started in Pampanga.

Manong Ed---your mission is thwart the plans of the evil triumvirate of Macapagal-Lapid-Pineda. Do it. Run again as governor. Don't go for the presidency. Or maybe you're decision was made out of fear. You're afraid that the people might not vote for you anymore? Prove that your governance in that province is no fluke.