Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

They'll be cookin my future
in hell's kitchen
spicin up my mind
with all sorts they can
in hell's kitchen.

they're thinkin
what's up for today
for little boys to play
in hell's kitchen.

sortin what they'll gonna say
or some news they gonna play
to help me forget what to say
when i'm in hell's kitchen.

on july the twenty seventh
they say we're gonna make
you have it
for the Mammon speaks
and no shrieks
in hell's kitchen.

those who reside beside the murky waters
they're confident they got it covered
with billions they got
seems one hell of a shot
in the arm of the little
demon who sits
in that beautiful
waiting for those who spit
and bathe in the showers
of hell's daughters.

they're cookin
and i'm not eatin'
waitin for the right stew
seems more than just a flu
in hell's kitchen.

Makati, 20 July 2009