Friday, July 3, 2009

KC Concepcion sex video?

Since this is a Friday, let me write a "soft piece", so to speak. Rumours are circulating that KC Concepcion, daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta, is also a victim of a sex video, involving, who? You guessed right---Dr. Hayden Kho.

Hay naku. This doctor is really a messed up guy. The video reportedly shows KC while having a body sculpturing job inside the Belo Medical Group clinic. Kho reportedly shot KC with his mobile phone. And KC allegedly did not know about it.

There are also rumours of a sex video, this time, with Anne Curtis. While Curtis "sex video" simply shows her kissing a guy, KC Concepcion's "video" seems to have generated more buzz over the net and percolated even in the mainstream because Sharon reportedly paid 20 million pesos to the guy who threatened to release the video in the mainstream.

Sharon has denied all of these things. There's no "sex video" and she did'nt pay anyone 20 million pesos. I believe her.

Why pay when she can very well ask police to arrest the guy with that video? Sharon is not that foolish to allow an extortionist to do that to her family. Question is---how about Gabby? Ano kaya ang pupuwede niyang sabihin tungkol dito? He's supposed to protect his daughter.

BY the way, speaking of videos, remember that controversial video showing FF Cruz signing alleged poll automation papers inside the COMELEC toilet room? Sources say the ones who leaked it out were PR operators of Smartmatic. That one, did not involve 20 million pesos.