Friday, July 3, 2009

Mrs. Arroyo underwent mammoplasty?

Speaking of Dr. Hayden Kho, his employer, the Belo Medical Group, gets their money out of breast augmentation procedures or what many calls mammoplasty.
The Belo Medical Group got their millions out of these procedures. Celebrities and Filipina millionaires (and probably even some daring males) flock to their place to get their breasts "plump and ready."
The usual people who goes there are those who want to enhance their bodies.
Now, I'm shocked to learn that Manila Bulletin published a news which says that even Philippine pseudo-president Her Excellency Madame Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo underwent mammoplasty procedures herself at the Asian Medical Hospital in Alabang.
Shocking? Well, no. Even presidents can be so vain. The question is---why at the Asian Hospital and not at the Belo Medical Group? Maybe Mrs. Arroyo fears of being a victim of a sex video scandal, like what KC Concepcion, Anne Curtis, Katrina Halili or even Bea Alonso reportedly went thru? Imagine Quiapo illegal video traders feasting on video clips of a mammoplasty operation. Yuck!
A bioplasty was also done on Mrs. Arroyo's breasts. There was also a cyst or a lump found in Mrs. Arroyo's groin, which the report says, is scheduled for operation.
Palace spokesperson Cerge Remonde , denied this. Remonde said that Mrs. Arroyo underwent a regular checkup in the hospital.
My friend, Philippine Star columnist Jarius Bondoc went further and explained that the reason for the mammoplasty operation on Mrs. Arroyo was a "leaking silicone breast implant."
Well, if that's true, that's clearly expected. Why? Maybe the implant was made in China. ;-)
Mrs. Arroyo, actually, needs this procedure, but I pray not for her breasts. No.
I want her to undergo a heart implantation procedure. She needs to replace that scheming, achy breaking heart with one that feels for the masses.