Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Major. Fojas should be investigated for possible complicity in bomb attacks

National Capital Region Command Major General Jogy Leo Fojas should be investigated for possible complicity in the bombings in Mindanao or at the very least, dereliction of his duty. Fojas told reporters that the AFP monitored the presence of Jemaah Islamiya, ASG and MILF elements in the Metropolis, a few weeks prior to the bombings in Metro Manila and Mindanao.

WTF?! Nakita ninyo na pala ang mga terorista sa Metro Manila, bakit hindi ninyo pa hinuli? Hogwash. Either Fojas wants these terrorists to do their thing or he does not know his job.

Seriously, is this the kind of soldier we expect to defend the capital from terrorists?

O, kitam? After blaming opposition groups for the bombings, even pointing to an "opposition figure" as the one behind the bomb attacks, now, the administration changed tack and says that the Jemaah Islamiya are now " in Metro Manila" and plans to do some bombing.

This validates my earlier entries on the script that Malacanang will follow---blame these things to foreign terror groups so that wala nga namang tamaang malaking isda sa mga political groups in the Philippines. Hay, naku. This is a common alibi made by this government, when pushed by the public for answers.

Net 2.0 Media has a very good entry, an advise actually, on how to handle these kinds of situation.

The reason why we can't really fully identify the perpetuators behind these bombing attacks is simply this government has so many enemies. Obviously, we really can't pinpoint the real suspects because many people want this regime out.

A PNP general was quoted as sharing this vital piece of intelligence info. Is he kidding? If this is A-1 info, hindi niya dapat ishini share ito sa publiko. This is probably hog-wash, because the S.O.P. in the military is simply not share confidential security info.