Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hyatt 10 warns Mrs. Arroyo not to "push her luck" with term extension

Hyatt 10, the group of former government officials of the Arroyo regime issued their strongest condemnation against their former boss today. After hearing mass at St. Jude church, the one near Malacanang, seven of the 10 tried to serve their damning statement to Mrs. Arroyo by marching to Malacanang. They were, however, stopped at the sentry gate.

These seven, former Education secretary Florencio Abad, Poverty Commissioner Teresita Deles, Imelda Nicolas, Budget secretary Emilia Boncodin, Cesar Purisima and Rene Villa. All ten signed the manifesto, including three others, Bert Lina, Juan Santos and Guillermo Parayno.

The group accused Mrs. Arroyo of instigating and creating a scenario of instability to perpetuate herself to power. " Dont push your luck", says the group, stating that the people will not anymore tolerate an extension of Mrs. Arroyo's regime. Part of the statement reads, and I quote:

“Don't push your luck. You have crossed the line too often enough. With impunity, you have exploited our people's cynicism and apathy for your own narrow and selfish ends. As with all things, this too will come to an end. Of this, we are certain. With God's help, the Filipino people will put an end to this despicable Arroyo regime."

Hyatt 10 is a group composed of former Arroyo confidante and close Cabinet members who bolted the administration shortly after the Hello Garci scandal broke out.

At the height of public confusion and finger-pointing, more people believe that these bombings happening in Mindanao and Metro Manila are being instigated by a group close to Mrs. Arroyo. In the past, destabilizations are exploited by Mrs. Arroyo. Historically, shortly after a destabilization event, Mrs. Arroyo took the occasion to cleanse her administration with disloyal subjects. Political pundits agree that this is the same tactic being employed by Mrs. Arroyo now. Hyatt 10 believes Mrs. Arroyo is not just fighting for her post-2010 survival; she is now consumed with the lust for more power. These ex-officials believe Mrs. Arroyo will try to do everything to keep herself safely in Malacanang.

“From mere survival, the President is now consumed by schemes, however illegal
or unconstitutional, to perpetuate herself in power –- indefinitely,”